About Community Shares of Colorado


Our Mission

Community Shares connects Coloradans to charities and causes they care about most.

Our History

In 1986, 12 Colorado nonprofits joined together to change the face of workplace giving. Originally called The Alternative Fund, our organization gave a home to nonprofit organizations that did not fit the mold of existing workplace giving federations. Our members included grassroots nonprofits and new issue areas such as social justice, respect for all individuals, environmental conservation, and community-owned arts. Soon after, our founders chose the name "Community Shares of Colorado" and began actively working to expand charitable choice in workplace giving campaigns.   

Community Shares' first workplace giving campaign raised $3,500 dollars. Community Shares reached its first million-dollar campaign in 2002. In 2017, Community Shares will manage more than $4.5 million in philanthropic funds. 


Our Commitment to Inclusion

Since our inception in 1986, Community Shares of Colorado has been a leader in community-based philanthropy. Our commitment to inclusiveness and equity extends to our qualifications for nonprofit membership in our community giving fund.

Community Shares’ current members vote annually to add qualified nonprofit organizations to our family of member agencies. In an effort to promote shared progress, no member organizations may have conflicting missions and all members voluntarily choose to support the ideals of our eight program areas.

All Community Shares member agencies are active in our efforts to build a more inclusive Colorado. Community Shares represents only nonprofit organizations that respect and welcome all Coloradans in their services, volunteer opportunities, and leadership.




Proud Member of Colorado Funders for Inclusiveness and Equity

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