About Mullen High School

Mullen High School is a Catholic, Lasallian college preparatory school conducted in the tradition of the Christian Brothers to give a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor, as established in our five Lasallian Core Principles.  Mullen belongs to one of the largest educational networks in the world. Lasallian schools educate over 850,000 students in 80 different countries. 

  • Founded in 1931.
  • Located on a beautiful 38 acre campus in southwest Denver.
  • Four year Theology curriculum was developed in conjunction with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  • Students attend monthly all-school masses.
  • 71% of the student population is Catholic.
  • 24 athletic programs.
  • 30 club opportunities for student involvement.
  • 90% of Mullen students participate in one or more activities.
  • Mullen teachers have an average of 9 years teaching experience, with 13 alumni on staff.
  • Over 60% of Mullen faculty hold advanced degrees. 
  • Recent graduates have been accepted into 21 of the U.S. News and World Report's Top 25 colleges and universities.
  • The class of 2018 included 187 students that accumulated over $19.6 million in academic scholarships.
  • 2013 marked the beginning of a successful 1:1 iPad learning program.
  • Over 30% of Mullen students receive needs-based tuition assistance totaling over $1.5 million annually. 
  • 75 individual and team state championships.

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