"Breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty through education."

Hide in Plain Sight was founded to support students who have experienced homelessness pursue their educational goals. Our goal is two-fold: to raise awareness about at-risk students in the State of Colorado, and to raise money to help support them in their time of need. To ensure those disadvantaged are helped, Hide In Plain Sight partners with the business community, local schools, organizations, churches and individuals. 

Since our inception in February 2015, Hide In Plain Sight has awarded close to 200 post secondary scholarships to homeless, at risk, or low-income students. Our scholarships remove the barriers of tuition, books, fees, food, housing, transportation, childcare, etc. for recipients.

Upon completion of their college, university or trade school education, Hide In Plain Sight graduates become competitive in the job market. Once gainfully employed, they can earn a living wage, become a contributing member of our community, and break the cycle of homelessness or poverty.

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