Denver Urban Debate League Gala

APRIL 26, 2018
Denver Athletic Club, Denver, COLORADO
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The Denver Urban Debate League (DUDL) is dedicated to improving educational and life outcomes for underserved students in the Denver metro area’s public schools by providing unlimited opportunities for students to learn and achieve through competitive debate activities. DUDL’s vision is a simple one: that all urban youth graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college and in their careers and to contribute to their communities. DUDL’s debate programs aim to narrow the achievement gap by boosting academic achievement and encouraging students to take an active role in their education. DUDL programs improve high school graduation rates, college enrollment, and college graduation rates among urban students.  For the last five years nearly 100% of DUDL seniors of graduated from high school on-time and DUDL graduates have gone to enroll at such institutions as the University of Denver, Yale, MIT, and Northwestern Law School.
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